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Know About Silao Khaja

Silao Khaja is a traditional delicacy coming from Nalanda district of Bihar. The legacy of Silao Khaja can be traced back to the times of lord Budhha (6th century BCE). It is believed that during his journey from Rajgir to Nalanda, Lord Buddha and his deciples passed through Silao (the place where the sweet got its origin from). Extremely happy and delighted by his visit, the residents offered him this sweetmeat. The lord consumed this sweet, and also directed his disciples to consume it. His words; Kha-ja (which means to ‘Eat’ in hindi) gave the sweet its name- Silao Khaja.

Silao Khaja is a multilayered crisp sweetmeat which is prepared by Murariya Wheat (superior quality of wheat, harvested in the months of May and June), Ghee, Sugar or Jaggary, Water, Cardamom and aniseeds. The uniqueness of Silao Khaja is attributable to the local water and climate of the State. Khaja tastes best until 10-12 days after its production. However, during rains, it may last only for 2-3 days. The sweet is not only popular among the residents of Bihar, but also among the national and international tourists visiting the local Buddhist temples and other sites.


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